My Art

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I can still remember learning how to colour with crayons for the first time. My very first accomplishment as an artist was when I was five-years-old, colouring a big red strawberry with green leaves. I knew right then and there that I had found something I loved.

Since then I have learned how to use nearly every medium, and picked my favourites. Here are a few samples of my work. I do it for the love of it.

Calm Acrylics on Canvas (36"x 24")

Fly Acrylics on 2 Canvases (24"x 36")

Windblown Acrylics on Canvas (48"x 18")

Beautiful Acrylics on Bevelled Canvas (24"x 24")

Swirling Blue Acrylics on Canvas (12"x 48")

Royal Slumber Oil Pastels on Paper (15"x 11")

Greenery Set of 4 - Acrylics on Canvas (24"x 12")

War Weathered HB-6B Pencil on Paper (8"x10")

Mirrored Lake
(Inspired by my favourite painting Mirror Lake by Franklin Carmichael)
Water Colours on Paper (17"x 12")

Broken Box of Crayons Coloured Pencils and Ink on Paper (8"x 10")

Gold in Motion Oils on Canvas (48"x 32")

Infinite Worth Oils on Canvas (20"x 16")

Twilight Tree Acrylic & Red Foil on Canvas with Book Page Base (30"x 30")

Seafoam Soundwaves Acrylics on Canvas (3 - 18"x 48")

Ruby Lips Acrylics on Canvas (48"x 30")

Emerald Eyes Acrylics on Canvas (32"x 48")

Words in the Trees Mixed Media on Canvas (30"x 30")