I'm Shaking In My Boots

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I didn't know if I could write a novel, and then when I did I wasn't sure if anyone else would want to read it but me. After finishing it and finally letting other people read it, I was shocked and oh so pleased that other people liked (even loved it in some cases) my book.

The thing I wasn't thinking about this whole time was the next step - the finding of an agent and convincing them to take a chance on me. I have been sitting on a finished novel for months now shaking in my boots at the thought of actually trying to get it published. Why? Every time I look into literary agents I get a whole lot of Canadians saying how impossible it is to find someone.

I am hopelessly not self-confident in pretty much everything I do - much to my mother's chagrin. I have always been surrounded by love and support and yet still I feel like there are always going to be people out there that can do anything I can do, but infinitely better than I ever could.

But I look at my story about Bree and I know that it's good. I feel totally uncomfortable about admitting to liking something I have created, like I have some twisted sense humility that says I can never take ownership of anything I do. I have a story to tell, and message to share, but it's trapped because of my insecurities.

It could be that it's time I put my creations out in the sun for the world to see, instead of hiding them inside where it's safe. Perhaps I have to risk that they'll get rained on (or snowed on) but that maybe, just maybe, someone will get to see something beautiful about life through my eyes.

Come on backbone, get stronger; it's time to take the plunge...

"There's no such thing as 'destiny,' Abigail. Just becoming. Choosing to become what you were created to be, or choosing to walk away from it." - In the Forest of the Night by K. Hamilton

I'm an Artist, A Writer, A Designer, A Musician and A Dreamer. Try and keep me in a box, I dare you.