Writing Weekend

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My very first writing retreat is set to begin in 11 hours (7 of which will be spent sleeping...hopefully) I am going to get a lot of writing done on project #2 (working title: Sephora - book #1 in the Warriors of Artemis Series), plot out a bit more of project #3 (working title Breatheless - sequel to Breathe Again) and possibly take some time to go through a couple of edits for project #1 (Breathe Again)

I'm Very excited about having some dedicated time to put into my writing, and am feeling a little bit more like a real author. Hopefully I will have more to give to you all to read very soon!

B.J. Kenney

"There's no such thing as 'destiny,' Abigail. Just becoming. Choosing to become what you were created to be, or choosing to walk away from it." - In the Forest of the Night by K. Hamilton

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